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There are exciting times ahead with the introduction of the New National Curriculum for Year groups 1 - 6. This website page is to help keep you, our parents, up to date with what is happeneing and  we will also include any statutory information we are required to share with you on here. The information will begin to be uploaded over the summer term and throughout the summer break in preparation for September. Over the course of the next year, slight amendments may be made while we are refining our curriculum, so keep checking the website so that you are up to date and part of this process.

Year 2 and 6 will continue on the old curriculum for the majority of 2014-2015 as they will be required to complete the Statutory assesments in their current format next May. From that point on all the children throughout school will then be accessing the new National Curriulum from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Here we go...

Long Term Plans

Below you will find our Long Term Plans for each year group. These documents which give a very brief overview of what is being covered over the course of the year. These documents are 'organic' and evolve as time passes and opportunties present themselves...the world doesn't stand still! We will keep these as up to date as possible for you so you can see what your children will be learning about.

To compliment these we will also produce a curriculum newsletter termly which will provide even more detail for you in line with medium term planning. These will also be listed below at the start of a term.