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History - Subject Leader Mr Tate

In line with government policy the History curriculum has changed quite dramatically, certainly in KS2, with greater emphasis on 'Our Island Story' for the 21st century. (Below is a brief overview of the major changes). To attempt to alleviate the idea of 'period hopping' it has been decided to focus heavily on a chronological approach to teaching in KS2. Thus developing a sense of 'where and when' historical events took place thus; enabling children to contextualise and compare time periods more easily.



Key Stage 1

Reduced emphasis on sources and methodology

Relatively little change at KS1, with slight increase in national focus

Reduced emphasis on diversity and culture

Key Stage 2

Victorians / Britain since 1930 & Tudors removed

Stone Age added

Romans, Anglo Saxons & Vikings all required

Slight changes to ancient civilisations options

A non-european study that must be included

One period of study that stretches past 1066